Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Issue returns, materials and formulas on ColorPoint Manager


Returns are usually used at CPC by reworking into other formulas or issuing them directly to press. For convenience the returns may also be issued to press, booked against a job.

There are two ways of issuing items to a job. The first is job centric; find the job you are looking for, open it and use the ‘Issue to Job’ action. The second is better if you need to issue items across a number of jobs; open Tools | Issues | Issue to Job from the menu bar.

In the second option the job is selected from a drop down list allowing any job to be selected, in the first option the job selector is hidden as the job number is taken from the currently selected job.


The following details need to be selected or filed in to complete the issue:

  1. Screen: the screen on the press that the item is being issued to.
  2. Weight: the weight to be issued.
  3. Date: the date and time of the issue, defaults to the current time.
  4. Only show items that are part of this job: restricts the selection of items that may be issued to those that are already on the job items list. Un-ticking this option will allow you to book and formula to any screen and is not recommended unless you are certain it is required.
  5. The item type that is being booked to the job:
    1. Material: select a material and the material batch of the pack/barrel being used to supply it.
    2. Formula: Select the formula code that is being issued. This is used with pre-made formulas, or formulas that are already held in stock.
    3. Return: Select the required return from the list. The return stock will be debited with the weight issued.

Clicking ‘Reset’ will reset the form, clicking ‘Issue’ issue the selection and resets the form.