Monday, 5 September 2011

How to Change out an empty supply vessel with CPM


Step One - Stock Receipt

  • Click ‘Stock Receipt’ on the tool bar.
  • Click the drop down arrow in the ‘Material’ box.
  • Click the material you have received.
  • Tab down to ‘Number of Packs’. This is the number of barrels/IBC’s you have received.
  • Enter the number of packs.
  • Tab down to ‘Pack Size’. This is the net weight of the product in the barrel/IBC.
  • Tab down to ‘Batch Number’.
  • Enter batch number.
  • Press ‘Save’ bottom right of screen.
  • Repeat process if necessary.

Once stock receipt data has been completed, the information will automatically be shared with the console.


STEP TWO - Changing supply vessel

  • Press the ‘E’ stop on the console. Locate the empty supply vessel and turn the air supply ball valve off at the pump in question.
  • Have the new supply vessel (Barrel/IBC) at hand.
  • Remove the caps from the new supply vessel.
  • Remove the ‘return tube from the empty supply vessel and place it in the new supply vessel.
  • Remove the suction tube from the empty supply vessel and place it in the new supply vessel.
  • Remove the empty supply vessel.
  • Push the new supply vessel in place.

If your system has cam locks and ball valves please close the valve before removing tubes/hoses.

NOTE: When removing the return and suction tubes from the empty supply vessel be aware that there will be product residue in/on the tube, so be careful not to spill any product on you or the floor.


STEP Three - Enter data

  • Enter RFID key.
  • Press ‘Materials’ (right of screen)
  • Press ‘Vessel Contents’ (Bottom of screen).
  • Using arrow keys (bottom right) high light the vessel/material you wish to replenish.
  • Press ‘Refill’ (right of screen).
  • Press the tab on the right of the ‘Batch’ box.
  • A batch list will appear. Using arrow keys (bottom right) High light the batch you want.

NOTE: This batch number must match up with the batch number on the Vessel you are about to place on the pump system.

  • Press ‘Select’ (top right).

The screen will change back to the ‘Enter refilled vessel weight when full’. You will notice that the batch number has changed and that you have a new vessel content weight. You will also see that you have an option to ‘Top-up with remnant weight’. This will default to ‘No’. Unless you wish to pour the remnants into the new supply vessel, leave the option as ‘No’ and press save.

  • Press ‘Save’

Once you have pressed ‘save’ the ‘Supply vessel contents’ screen will appear.

At this point pull the ‘E’ stop out and re-energise the console by pressing the green power button (top left of the console screen).

  • Whilst still on the ‘Supply Vessel Contents’ screen press ‘Recirc’
  • Go to the pump station and turn the air supply on to the pump.
  • Pump will come on and recirculate the new supply vessel contents for 2 minutes.

This will mix the product and help its fluidity, as the product has been standing for a time without any movement.

If you are part way the through dispensing, you will need to press continue once you have returned to the dispense screen.