Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Using prompted mode for manual additions


When performing manual additions requiring very precise small amounts of material, it is possible that the movement of the scale to get to the bucket causes the weight to alter before adding any material.

To keep the process as accurate as possible, prompted mode was introduced.

When the next item to be dispensed is a manual addition, the user is prompted to pull out the scale, then press continue when the weight is stable.


This ensures the starting weigh of the manual addition is recorded after the scale has been moved.

The manual addition then proceeds as normal.


Once complete the operator is presses continue to register the amount dispensed.


If the next material is manual then the process repeats. If it is to be dispensed from a valve then the user is prompted to push the scale back in.


Once the scale is in, the operator presses continue and the next material is dispensed automatically.