Friday, 5 July 2019

X-Rite IFS - Corrections with a job number

Can I send a correction via X-Rite to the ColorPoint console and link it to a job?

Yes it is possible by sending the job number with the formula code.
The formula code sent over in the Correction file needs to be of the following form

This breaks down as:
[job number]~[job item order]~[formula code]

The tilde ~ is the separator character.

The job item order part is the number where that formula appears in the list of items for the job.
In the example above the formula code 00490 is the formula being sent as a correction.  If the job is viewed in ColorPoint Manager then formula 00490 is item 2 in the job items list.


If formula 00440 was being sent instead then the formula code to be sent would look like

The job number remains the same but the formula code and its position have changed.