Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Adding Returns Using Barcode Scanner

Booking returns into CPC using a barcode scanner is the simplest and most efficient method of booking in returns. To use this method you need printed dispense labels containing a barcode of the dispense batch number and a barcode scanner.


Go to the Returns screen from the main menu. This screen automatically intercepts any scanned barcodes and checks if they are dispense batch numbers.

Place the vessel on the scale and scan the barcode of the product to return. If the barcode is recognised as a valid dispense batch, the Add Return screen will be displayed as below:


The details of the dispense will be completed automatically, including the original dispense vessel empty weight, the formula code and job number (if the original dispense was booked to a job). The total scale weight will be read and the net return weight will be calculated based on the original empty vessel weight.

Enter a return location if required.

Press the Save button. You will be prompted to print a return label if required.

You will be returned to the main returns list ready to book in another return.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Backup Methods

There are numerous options for archiving backups from CPM to external systems. Please contact Rexson with any details needed to set up your preferred solution.

External Drive

The simplest method is to plug in an external hard disk or flash drive. A script is available to automatically mirror the content of C:\SqlBackup\CPM to your external drive.

Pushed from ColorPoint

The system backups are run daily on CPM and the last 7 are kept. The backup script has a command to copy these files to a network folder every day after the backup runs. To enable this all we need to do is set the folder location in an environment variable. The script automatically removes older backups from the network folder, so you may want to copy out the most recent once a week for long term storage if needed.

Please advise Rexson of the backup location either as a UNC path (e.g. \\server\folder-for-backups) or as a mapped drive (e.g. X:\folder-for-backups). As long as the user running the scheduled task for the backup has permission to write to this location, the backups will take place automatically.

Pulled by a task on your Network

If the previous method is not suitable for your infrastructure then backups can be retrieved directly from CPM. The folder C:\SqlBackup is shared. The CPM sub-folder contains automated backups and CPM-User contains user initiated ad hoc backups. The local user account CustomerAdmin can be used for authentication.

An sshd server runs on CPM. This can be configured to allow SFTP access to the backups. 

Other Methods

Backups may also be sent from CPM via FTP/SFTP by Rexson Agent. This is a paid add on.