Friday, 21 January 2011

Receive and track stock on ColorPoint Manager

Once you have the raw materials defined on the system, the next step is to receive stock of these materials. The cost of a batch is set from the cost of the raw material at the time of the stock receipt. It is essential to do this before any dispensing takes place to ensure that all dispenses are automatically allocated to the correct batches. If this is not done, reconciling dispenses with material batches can become complicated.

Open the Stock receipt view:


1. Select the material to receive from the drop down list. Typing the first letter of the material will move the selection down the list to save scrolling on long lists.

2. Enter the number of packs or barrels to receive.

3. Enter the size of the packs or barrels. If you are receiving the same material in a number of different sized packs, enter the size of the most common pack here. You will be able to change it later.

4. Enter the supplier’s batch number for the materials. If more than one batch number is present in the delivery, enter the most commonly used on here. You will be able to change it later.

5. The date of the receipt will default to the current date and time. Change this if required. If you need to split a receipt across different dates, create a new receipt for each date required.

6. One batch per pack should be left ticked. If you really require all packs to be treated as a single pack please contact the support team to discuss this. This feature will be removed in a future version of CPM.

7. Consignment Stock assigns the consignment stock category to all of these packs if ticked. This is used in the stock valuation report to separate stock that is owned by the supplier from stock that is owned by the end user.

8. Create new batches is the default setting. Under this option you have the ability to adjust the batch numbers and weights of individual packs if required.

9. Add to existing batch will be removed in a future version of CPM. Use stock adjustments to increase the amount of stock received in and existing batch.

Save the batch. The form will be reset to receive the next batch.

As soon as stock batches are received they are available for selection on CPC. When refilling a tank, the batch can be selected from the material batches list.

All dispensed formulas take their traceability data from the stock batch that they were allocated to. This includes costing for use in the Job Costing Report. It is therefore essential that proper stock management is implemented if traceability or costing of product is important.