Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Replacing the material on a dispense valve on CPC


If a material is retired and replaced with another material, it will be necessary to remove the original material from the dispense valve and assign a new material.

This guide assumes that the new material has been created on either CPM or CPC and has a code of NewMaterial. The material to be replaced has a code of OldMaterial.

Insert a Master Key (Level 3)

From the Main Menu press the Configuration button.


On the configuration page press the Operations button.


On the operations page use the arrows to scroll to the valve the old material is assigned to.


Press the de-assign valve button. You will prompted with a warning. Press yes. The assign material button will now appear. Press it to choose a new material.


When presented with the list of available manual materials, use the arrows to select the new material, the press the select button.


Your new material is now assigned to the valve.


Check your pressure and tolerance settings if the properties of the new material differ from the old material.

You may need to perform a material replacement in your formulas if the new material is to replace all uses of the old material. For instructions see this article.