Monday, 28 October 2013

Adding a New Formula on ColorPoint Console


This procedure only applies if you don’t have a management PC. To add new formulas on systems with ColorPoint Manager see Create a new Formula on ColorPoint Manager

Go to the formulas page.

Press the Add button (with a + icon)


Choose a colour from the selection. Give the formula a unique code and a descriptive name.


Use the arrow keys to select a material and press the add button to add it to the formula.


Then enter the parts per 100 for this material, followed by the ‘Next’ button.


Repeat his for each material until the formulation is complete. If a mistake is made, the ‘Edit’ and ‘Del’ buttons can be used to change or remove materials. The arrow buttons on the lower edge of the screen can be used to navigate the list of materials already added to the formula.

When you are finished creating the formula press the ‘Save’ button.