Friday, 21 January 2011

Create a new material on ColorPoint Manager

Open the materials list. The ‘Add New’ button is below the list on the left. This will open a new blank detail view for the material.
Fill in the details for the material as follows:
1. Code: a unique code to identify this material, up to 25 characters long. If you try to enter a code that has already been used or that is too long, you will see an error outline in red around the text box.
2. Name: a description of your material, up to 50 characters long.
3. Specific Gravity: on a metric system this defaults to 1kg/l (water). Change this if required.
4. Colour: choose a colour closest to the colour of your material. This provides a visual clue when working with lists of materials and does not need to be an exact match.
5. Is Non Dispense Material: this is an advanced feature, leave un-ticked. See Non-dispense materials for more details.
6. Categories: assign any categories you need.
7. Attributes: add any attributes required, cost is the most commonly used attribute. See Track costs for further details.
8. Files: add any files for supporting information e.g. an MSDS document.
9. Notes: it may be a good idea to make a note of why the material was added to the system for future reference.
10. Suppliers: add a supplier for the material. If no suppliers exist, you will be able to create a new one.
Save the material, and repeat for any other new materials. Once the materials have been added to the system you may need to assign them to valves on CPC. See the ColorPoint Console manual for further details.