Thursday, 7 July 2011

Changing a Formulation on ColorPoint Manager


When you have made a correction to a formulation, typically on press by adding more of a pigment or another new pigment you can update the formula to reflect this change.

From the menu bar choose Tools | Change Formulation.


In the Change Formulation panel select the formula you will be changing from the drop down list.


Enter the weight of the original dispense you are going to change. This will populate the panel with the weights of the raw materials used.


Now adjust the formula for the quantities added. In this case 0.1kg of 9448 Blue was added by double clicking on the quantity in the added column for the material. The formula is recalculated to reflect this change.


Next 0.05kg of another Red was added. This material was not in the original formulation but is needed to correct the colour.


The formula is recalculated to reflect this change after the Add button is clicked. The change can be made permanent by clicking on the Save button.