Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How to alter Recirculation Parameters


  1. Insert ‘Master’ Key
  2. Select ‘Configuration’
  3. Select ‘Operations’
  4. Select Valve number to be altered
  5. Select Recirculation
  6. Adjust Pressure, if required (1 is the lowest pressure with 15 being the highest)
  7. Adjust On time, if required (this is the period the pump operates for: 1-15 x 5 minutes)
  8. Adjust Pause time, if required (Period of time delay between starting next pump)
  9. Repeat for additional changes to pumps
  10. Select save to confirm changes

To check changes


  1. Select Materials
  2. Tab down to required material
  3. Select Vessel Contents
  4. Select Recirc (Pump will run for 2 mins. and can be interrupted by selecting Recirc timer button.
  5. Once alterations have been made and confirmed remove the Master key and return the Operator key