Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Recycle Options Page - Category colours explained


Applies to:
CPC version 1.9.78 and greater

The Recycle Option page lists all Returns that can be used against the formula to be dispensed.  If the Return can cover one or more of the materials in the formula and doesn’t contain additional materials not in the formula, it will be displayed.  The Return doesn’t have to be for the same formula as the one to be dispensed.

Returns are categorised by colours.

Indicates that the Return is attached to a valve on the dispenser
Indicates that the whole quantity of Return will be used in the dispense. The operator is offered the choice to dispense the formula directly into the Return vessel.
This category only appears if a specific threshold has been configured. This category indicates that after the dispense the amount of Return remaining is less than or equal to the configured threshold. This means that the Return remaining can be scrapped as it is too small a quantity to put back on the shelf.
Only a part of the Return can be used in the dispense.  There will still be content left in the vessel to use in the future.