Monday, 24 October 2016

New Console feature : Stop Weight


Following customer feedback, we have added a new feature to the console which allows the operator to define a Stop Weight. This is a weight value set against a tank. When the tank weight is at or below this weight OR the dispense you are trying to make will take the weight below this level, the dispense will be prevented until the tank weight is above the Stop Weight.

The main use case for this feature is to provide a “hard stop” to prevent stock from going below an acceptable minimum level. This is useful in scenarios where strict stock control is in place and the stock must never go below a defined amount, generally zero, however there is sometimes the need to ensure there is a minimum amount of stock in the tank that is above zero.

The feature is used as below:

To access the setting, go to the Supply Vessel Contents page (M005), select the desired tank and click Edit. You will see the below screen:


The default value of Stop Weight is not set, which means that dispensing will never be stopped regardless of weight. This behaviour is how the console worked prior to this feature being added.

To set it, just select the field and enter a weight using the on-screen keyboard:


Once this has been set, if an attempt is made to dispense while the tank is below this weight or where the requested dispense amount will take the tank below the set amount, the stop icon will appear in the warning panel:


To proceed with dispensing, go to Supply Vessel Contents page and refill the tank so it is above the Stop Weight level. Dispensing will then be permitted to continue as normal.


This feature is available in version 1.9.34 and higher. If you are under a support contract that includes software updates, you can get this update for free by contacting

If you are not under a support contract, contact for a quote.