Tuesday, 18 June 2019

ColorPoint Console - Toggle how Return is dispensed

When using a Return in a dispense, if one of the Returns can be used entirely the system asks whether you wish to use the Return vessel as the dispense vessel. 

If Yes (the tick button) is selected then an icon appears on the left of the dispense screen.

This icon indicates that the Return vessel is being used.  The dispense is set as a top up and all other materials will be dispensed on top of the existing Return.

If the operator wishes to pour the Return into another vessel instead then they can click on the button next to the icon and it will change to a different icon of the Return being poured. 

The dispense changes from a top up to a regular dispense and the manual dispense symbol appears next to the Return.



Use the Return vessel and top up all materials into this vessel
Use an empty vessel and pour the Return into it