Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Filtering and the Filter Panel on ColorPoint Manager


The filter panel is one of the most powerful parts of CPM. Using the various search fields it is possible to narrow down a large list of items to a small selection making it easy to find individual items.

Basic Filtering

To display the filter panel click the ‘Filter’ button on the navigation toolbar:


Here is a list of materials, unfiltered:


Typing ‘m’ into the code entry area of the filter panel filters the list to any codes that contain the letter m, in upper or lower case anywhere in the code:


This has removed the entry ‘BN1’ from the list.


Expanding the search further to filter on items containing ‘m1’ results in the following list:


Reverse Filtering

Changing the search type from ‘Like’ to ‘Not Like’ reverses the search, showing only items that do not contain an ‘m’.


Exact Matches

Changing the search type from ‘Like’ to ‘=’ changes the result to an exact match only.


Matching Ranges

Finally, a range of items may be searched by entering the starting search, in this case ‘a’, pressing the ‘To’ button and then entering the ending search. Please note the search excludes the last item in the search range, so that searching ‘a’ to ‘c’ gives items beginning with ‘a’ and ‘b’, but not c.


Checking the Exclude box reverse the search and removes these items from the results:


The same principles apply to searching across date ranges, price ranges and dispense weight ranges.