Wednesday, 2 February 2011

List Views on ColorPoint Manager


The most common view of your system in ColorPoint Manager (CPM) is the List View. Typically you will see Name, Code, Colour (on materials and formulas) and date last modified for the current selection of items. The list view can display all of the entity of your choice, e.g. all materials, or a subset of all entities as filtered (see Filtering and the Filter Panel) by the filter panel, e.g. materials starting with “AB1”. All lists are displayed in pages sized to fit your current window size.


The list view has two main actions:

  1. Materials – all materials on the system.
  2. Orphaned Materials – materials that are not used in any formulation.
Navigating a list of items


The navigation bar is common to all lists and provides the following functions:

  1. Navigate to the first item.
  2. Navigate to the previous item.
  3. The current page number. Type in a new page number to navigate directly to that page.
  4. The total number of pages.
  5. The total number of items in the list.
  6. Navigate to the next item.
  7. Navigate to the last item
Customising a list

Lists may be customised in a number of ways.

  1. Changing the columns that are displayed. To do this right-click on a column header and change the selection. Column names with ticks will be displayed. Column names without ticks will not be displayed.clip_image004
  2. Change the order of the displayed columns. Click and drag a column header to a new position, releasing the mouse button when the column is in its new position. To cancel press the ‘Esc’ key before releasing the mouse button.
  3. Change the sort order of the data in a column. Click on the header of any column to sort the data by that column. Clicking the header again will reverse the sort order, e.g. 1, 2, 3 will become 3, 2, 1.