Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An Introduction to ColorPoint Console

ColorPoint is a gravimetric dispensing system.

The most basic system comprises of a computerised dispense control console, a weighing platform and a dispense head which is attached to the pump frame.

The pumps and dispense valves are operated by pneumatic control signals from there relevant control modules.

The console is operated using Rexson’s unique ATM style console. The console has no keyboard or mouse and the user-friendly graphical software is navigated by simply pressing the appropriate buttons as required.

ColorPoint allows access to the following main menus:

  1. Dispense
  2. Materials
  3. Formulas
  4. Press Returns
  5. Stock/inventory

The console is accessed by the operator using individual ‘ID keys’. These can be set to different access levels. The ID key also allows traceability (with CPM).

In addition to the basic system, there are a number of optional extras you can have in order to make dispensing and administration easier.

  • ColorPoint Manager Software (CPM).
  • Link to Spectrometer.
  • Link to business system.
  • Barcode scanner.
  • Console label printer.
  • Pail mixer (manual or auto)
  • Conveyor system.

The most common system is the basic Console with CPM and a label printer. This allows the operator and the administrator to run the ColorPoint dispense system efficiently.


ColorPoint Console

Common Keys & Icons

clip_image002[4] Exit (top left) exit the page you’re in.

clip_image004[4] Help (top left) gives you a description of what each key does on the screen you’re in.

clip_image006[4] Return

clip_image008[4] Issue

clip_image010[4] clip_image012[4] Delete

clip_image014[4] clip_image016[4] Edit

clip_image018[4] clip_image020[4] Add

clip_image022[4] Copy

clip_image024[4] Search

clip_image026[4] Clear Search

clip_image028[4] clip_image030[4] Select

clip_image032[4] Save

clip_image034[4] clip_image036[4] Scroll up or down the page.

clip_image038[4] clip_image040[4] Scroll to next page.

clip_image042[4] Virtual keyboard.


Using the keys

All of the keys and icons are self-explanatory in their functions, however you do need to know what to press and when.

To use any of the function keys you must press the outer screen key clip_image044[4] adjacent to the function you wish to use, not on the on-screen icon itself.

If you need to enter information in the text field, you must first highlight the box so that it turns from orange to red.

This is done by pressing the clip_image044[5] adjacent to the text field. You can also use this key for backspace/delete to clear the original text or a mistake.

Once you have highlighted (red) the text field, you can enter your information using the virtual keyboard and colour palette.

You scroll up and down the rows using the arrow function keys to the right of the virtual keyboard.

Once you have the correct row, you can select the character you require by pressing the key at the bottom of the column character is in.


Repeat the process until all the information has been entered.